State-of-the-art Tree and
Vine Sensing

Easy Integration
Easy Installation
Zero Maintenance

ePlant’s innovative TreeTag revolutionizes plant data collection and application. This cost-effective, easily-deployable system enables mass collection of real-time growth, irrigation, stress and environment data that is wirelessly delivered anywhere.

Innovative professionals demand immediate, accurate, and actionable data about their crops and forests as they work to address food security, water efficiency, climate change, and resource costs to feed and sustain our evolving world.

ePlant radically alters the way we care for trees and plants by:

Monitoring growth, irrigation,  stress, temperature, and humidity
Sending real-time, wireless data straight to the Cloud
Requiring zero maintenance
Providing a multi-year lifespan

All-In-one Tree and Vine Health

Irrigation and Drought Management

Monitors water flow through the growth layer of the tree, solving one of the key factors in tree establishment and survival.

Health Assessment

Growers and arborists can analyze potential disruptions by pests, disease, damage by observing changes in a plant’s transpiration and growth.

Growth Modeling

The ePlant TreeTag directly measures growth, which can be compared against standards to prepare for harvest, identify phases such as budding, flushing, or dormancy; or understand carbon capture.

ePlant makes the data easily accessible to customers, both through a rich API which allows integration to other tool sets, and applications that provide more immediate data access and visualization.