Real-time plant-based data

TreeTags for Research

The TreeTag is an innovative wireless plant monitor, designed specifically for tree and vine researchers. It contains several sensors, including a dendrometer to measure the radial increment of the xylem and phloem, an accelerometer for lean and sway, and temperature, humidity, and light. It samples these sensors every five minutes and makes the data accessible via the cloud.

Large Scale, high resolution, plant-based data

  • Real-time access to raw measurements
  • Inexpensive
  • Compact (3.5" , 50g)
  • Low-maintenance and easy installation (60 seconds)
  • Multiple miles of range
  • Hardened for weather and UV resistance
  • 10 year life-span
"We're excited about having something that you can actually attach to the plant itself to get a plant-specific reading. The TreeTags allow you to see very clear signals. You can actually also use these as sort of a real-time weather station to help make better management decisions."
Taylor M. Crow
Biostatistics and Quantitative Genetics Lead, Sun World
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