Remote Plant Health Care Reimagined

TreeTags for Tree Services & Landscaping

The TreeTag provides a comprehensive understanding of how the tree performs given its immediate environment. Data is transmitted to a gateway and then to ePlant's cloud.This system makes it possible to effectively and efficiently monitor trees across a large area of interest, such as a park, neighborhood, or campus.

Remote Monitoring for Plant Health Care Providers

  • Identify problem trees
  • Reduce need for truck rolls
  • Low maintenance and easy installation (60 seconds)
  • Compact (3.5", 50g)
  • Hardened for weather and UV resistance
  • Multiple miles of range
"The sensors allowed us to see how trees respond to water in ways we never had before which was invaluable to our research objectives. The data output from the sensors are intuitive and easy to understand, making them a fun way for students to get involved in our research."
Natalie Love, PhD
Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Illinois at Chicago
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