METI and ePlant Partner to Revolutionize Green Asset Tracking

Los Altos, CA - [April 26th 2024] - Micro Engineering Tech Inc. (METI), a global leader in  cutting-edge digital transformation solutions, and ePlant, Inc., provider of the groundbreaking  green asset management platform, Oasis, today announced a partnership to jointly provide  solutions for efficiently managing and measuring the impact of greening initiatives taking place  across the globe. This partnership will address the growing need for a reliable digital platform to  manage large-scale green infrastructure investments, as evidenced by ambitious programs like  the Middle East Greening Initiative. The collaboration combines METI's expertise in networking,  IoT, and cloud infrastructure with ePlant's plant-based data collection, AI-powered analytics,  and visualization capabilities.  

Mohamed Elhabiby, Micro Engineering Tech Inc., says, “METI is centered around optimizing our  services in collaboration with our clients, enabling them to achieve their short- and long-term  goals. We stand apart from the competition by leveraging our advanced technology expertise  with our efficiency both in costs and time management.”  

Graham Hine, ePlant’s CEO says, “Greening is happening at an unprecedented scale. The  important investment in planning and planting is just the start. These new plants and trees need  to be cared for and their impact transparently measured and reported. Advanced technology  and know-how are needed to do that efficiently, and we’re excited to work with METI to bring  these to bear and create a greener future.”  

About METI  

Established in 2010, Micro Engineering Tech Inc. (METI) is a forward-thinking company that  thrives on transforming challenges into opportunities. Our core belief at METI is that everyone  should have equal access to solve digital transformation issues and, in so doing, encourage the  fostering of resilient organizations for the present and future. Drawing upon our experience in  [geomatics, civil, mechanical, and electrical] engineering, HD Mapping, remote sensing,  software development, energy, industrial development, Data Annotators & AI Solution, and  prototype testing, in addition to our top-level managerial skills, METI successfully meets the  growing demand in the technology industry.  

At METI, we specialize in delivering cutting-edge solutions within the realm of geospatial  industries. Our expertise encompasses comprehensive data acquisition, analysis, and  integrated GIS capability with unparalleled precision. As a well-established and rapidly  expanding multi-disciplinary consulting and services group, we offer a diverse range of geomatic  supports, research, and development in all engineering-related fields.  

About ePlant  

ePlant, a California-based company, developed Oasis, a groundbreaking green asset  management platform that is transforming the landscape of environmental stewardship.  Powered by their proprietary TreeTag sensor and AI-driven analytics, Oasis provides real-time  insights into environmental conditions, resource utilization, and asset health. ePlant's TreeTag  offers unparalleled plant health monitoring on a per-plant basis which is processed by the  platform's advanced AI to deliver powerful metrics and actionable insights. This technology 

allows organizations to effectively track, manage, and optimize their green infrastructure,  supporting their journey toward achieving net zero.  

ePlant is committed to a vision of a sustainable future where technology and nature  harmoniously collaborate to improve our quality of life.  

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Mohammed Sharawi  

Project Manager  

Bruce Kamolnick  

Chief Financial Officer